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Bringing together world class expedition teams, cutting edge technology and the best and most recent research to some of the most extreme environments around the globe, Odysseys Global projects push the boundaries of science, technology, exploration, education and entertainment.


The Work

Here at Odysseys Global we believe that great results come from partnering WITH the best, ON the best and FOR the best.

Through our SeaTech, EarthTech, Spacetech and EntTech divisions we work to develop and fund specialized projects involving the retrieval and restoration of priceless cultural artifacts, the exploration of previously unknown ecosystems, challenges to the limits of human abilities, the development of some of the most exciting tech on the planet and the creation and support of media in a wide-ranging variety of formats.

Our participation in a project ranges from developing a world-class team of engineers, scientists and explorers to assist on or even to spearhead each project, to attaching complementary strategic partners, funding, developing primary and ancillary media and creating strategies to fulfill project goals both during operations and post production.

SeaTech Ventures

Our projects include expeditions focused on marine archeology, cultural artefacts retrieval and the exploration and research into areas of historical significance in undersea environments around the globe.

EarthTech Ventures

Projects we accept encompass cutting-edge research into endangered or inhospitable environments and ecosystems, and terrestrial expeditions into the most extreme environments of the planet.

SpaceTech Ventures

Pushing the boundaries of man’s access to the stratosphere and space beyond, we support tech-centric projects that challenge what we can achieve and where we can explore as a species in the throes of evolutionary change.

EntTech Ventures

As information access explodes and knowledge of the universe becomes an active part of the daily lexicon, our Enttech division supports select media projects that bring exploration, information and inspiration to today’s global consumer.

The process

Interested in collaborating?

Project Identification

After an initial inquiry and a preliminary call, projects are submitted through a secure online form, recording your IP address and date of submission to protect your IP while allowing us to learn more about your needs and how we might best collaborate.

Evaluation & Acceptance

Once a submitted project has been evaluated and all parties are satisfied that we are a good fit, the project is accepted and all necessary documentation is generated to facilitate the collaboration.

Budgeting & Funding

Upon execution of all required documentation, any committed financial support will be defined and budget benchmarks will be set, allowing the project to move forward. Acquired and in-house funding is released on a benchmark system, with the project team receiving funds for each step as benchmarks are met.

Execution & Presentation

At a pre-determined stage in the project we will begin presenting the results to the appropriate markets for promotion and monetization, according to goals for the project agreed upon in the evaluation and acceptance stage.


Odysseys is providing funding, business development, multi-stream commercialization, and strategic media production and sales in a multi-year partnership.


We are developing a slate of salvage operations in the marine archeology arena, including funding, business development, multi-stream commercialization, and strategic media productions for global impact.


Odysseys is providing expeditionary support, funding and media development for this private marine archeology endeavor focused on recovering culturally and historically significant artefacts.


Funding and media development in partnership with one of only two female pairs teams to tackle the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2020


Odysseys is providing expeditionary support, funding and media development for several space-related tech-focused research projects centered around survival technologies.


Odysseys is providing funding, business development, multi-stream commercialization, and strategic media production and educational applications.


Odysseys Global was founded to bring together the necessary resources to facilitate projects that are centered around events that exist outside the mainstream; one of a kind, culturally or historically significant, visionary, challenging, and always pushing the limits of our capabilities; projects that move forward our understanding of our place on the planet and in our global community.

We work with the best of the best, bringing science, technology, experience, vision and financing to create project packages with the greatest possibility of success, both financially and experientially.

Our areas of expertise include oceans research, diving expeditions, deep sea exploration, environmental conservation, medical research and biotech development, extreme environment exploration, communications and survival, space exploration and commercialization, and cultural and marine archeaology.

If you or your company has an interest in becoming a strategic partner, collaborator or would like to propose a project for consideration, please reach out via email. We evaluate all projects individually and take on a select number of projects to develop annually.